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Change log:

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BP 1.5.0

-Compatibility for Wordpress 3.9
-Styling for custom inputs(like in contact form 7 plugin)

-Revolution Slider to version 4.3.6
-404 Page German string :-) (thanks Tupamaros)

BP 1.4.2

-Way how Revolution Slider plugin is developed with theme.
Now you have to install it while installing theme. Read more here Updated: -Revolution Slider to version 4.3.1 ---------------- BP 1.4.1 Fixed: -Full width photos appearance in single work(thanks akatzuki) Updated: -Revolution Slider to version 4.3.0 ---------------- BP 1.4.0 Fixed: -subtitle for blog page -revolution slider video not showing on static pages -revolution slider issue with WP editor -localization of admin area -inline documentation(now it uses online documentation) -many minor code issues Updated: -Revolution Slider to version 4.1.4 (please check your sliders after updating) -Font awesome to version 4.0.3(you can still use 3.2.1 version) ---------------- BP 1.3.4 Fixed: -problems with editing/adding galleries&works Added: -Highlight of menu ancestor for submenu ---------------- BP 1.3.3 Fixed: -problems with limit of images/videos possible to insert in gallery/work Added: -Random order option for items in gallery/works ---------------- BP 1.3.2 Fixed: -problems with images in IE 9 and IE 10 in masonry layouts ---------------- BP 1.3.1 Fixed: -not loading blog posts due to not proper ImagesLoaded script(thanks Tubalcain) -Georgia font selection(thanks ron!) ---------------- BP 1.3 Changed: -No more usage of compressed scripts and styles. Read more here. Fixed: -Georgia font selection(thanks ron!) -Switched off keyboard navigation in slider work/gallery with one item only -Proper image size for single work slider(thanks Sebastian) Updated: -JackBox Lightbox plugin ---------------- BP 1.2.3 Updated: -Script for font icons(There are added new icons that didn't work with theme) ---------------- BP 1.2.2 Added: -Support for Wordpress MU Fixed: -Facebook Like in JackBox lightbox ---------------- BP 1.2.1 Fixed -Issue with imagesLoaded Script that could break loading of blog. ---------------- BP 1.2 Please check!/for_updaters_need_to_know Added: -Displaying of description in slider gallery Fixed -Issue with google map on FireFox -French translation(thanks to Eric05) Changed: -Uploading system in admin panel. It uses now system introduced in WP 3.5 -Upgraded imagesLoaded library which fixes not always showing up images in Internet Explorer browsers -(Contact page)Order of contact form and google map for small devices Removed: -Twitter widget since Twitter switched to API 1.1 ---------------- BP 1.1.1 Fixed: -Issue with images in Single work with media displayed as "full width photos". -Issues wth revolution slider in static pages. -Issue in gallery with Jetpack plugin enabled ---------------- BP 1.1 Added: -First level menu icons and descriptions for works and galleries -Filtered Galleries list -Galleries list as front page option -Uncover effect for Works list(Works->Works list page settings) -Switching off titles on Works list(Works->Works list page settings) -Turning off zoom hover effect in Works list/Galleries list/Gallery bricks -Descending sort of items in Works and galleries(Items order option) -Custom link for single work. You can now make work go(form works list) to other link instead of going to single work view(Alternative Link option). -Revolution slider as option for Front Page -Template for page with Revolution slider on top Fixed: -Thumbs of video in lightbox in gallery bricks -Colors of titles in dark content page(thanks steverobertson) -Front page gallery when Wordpress SEO plugin by Yoast is active Changed: -Behavior of Works list for touch screens(first touch shows title, next goes in to work)