Based on Apollo13 Framework Theme change log

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Change log:


-support for new features from WordPress 4.9
-option for albums and works to enable thumbs on slider load
-option to stretch slider in height in single work to fill available space(Edit Work -> Work Details-> Work media-> Stretch slider to be window high)
-gallery widget styles

-Saved License code is now protected from coping when someone has access to your admin panel
-Mouse wheel support on album scroller

-Slider Revolution plugin to version

-album PHP 7.1 Notice(thanks domking!)
-show icons" Hover effect of menu in "with shield" header variant
-PHP notice when entering customizer
-Demo importer removing too many files


-Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.2.3
-action hooks for JavaScript in header.php, Great for Google Tag Manager for example
-option to use last modified date in blog post - good for evergreen content (Customizing -> Blog settings -> Single post -> Post meta: Date of publish or last update )
-option for min & max font size when using "Responsive text" option in "Custom Heading" VC element
-option to enable writing effect on mobile (Customizing -> Miscellaneous -> Visual Composer  -> Writing effect on mobile)
-"Slide from right" effect for menu overlay(Customizing -> Header settings -> Menu overlay -> Opening effect)
-option to change content background color - Finally!(Customizing -> General settings -> Content styles -> Background color)
-new option for shield under Logo(Works only in horizontal header with variant "One line, logo centered")(Customizing -> Header settings -> Logo)

-Default content font-size for better readability(Customizing -> General settings -> Content styles -> Font size)
-Moved mobile menu button to the right, as it is better for usability(thanks TheWebStylist!)
-widgets align on mobiles(thanks TheWebStylist!)
-moved logo setting in header color variants to be at top of panel
-mobile menu consistent look across header variants
-better compression of mobile menu

-Visual Composer plugin to version 5.4.2
-Slider Revolution plugin to version
-Apollo13 Framework Post Types plugin 1.0.7
-LightGallery to version 1.6.4

-Legacy IE 8 header that was never used

-HTML usage in album items description
-Footer widgets collapsing when multi-row of widgets happen
-Sidebar position on blog when using top content padding(Thanks Daniel!)


Breaking change:
-renamed lot of files to use proper WordPress naming.
If your child theme changes doesn't work, make sure your files file names match main theme file names

-Welcome page
-Basic default editor styles
-blockquote styles
-system UI font option in fonts to choose

-edge case: call to google fonts, when theme only uses system fonts
-missing various strings after fixes in version 1.4.1
-text domain for some woocommerce strings
-icons in AddToAny plugin
-iOS fix for negative scroll position(thanks Stefan L.)
-some places where titles wasn't breaking on narrow screens
-Chrome bug when submenu was opened in horizontal header
-WooCommerce category page title(thanks Lexxus)

-Reenabling mobile users to scale page(was switched off since version 1.0 )
-Disabled lot of blocking scrolling events on mobile
-Better search results for password protected items(now image and title can be seen)
-"Center fixed width" layout max-width increased to 1160px
-"post lightbox" max-width increased to 1160px
-divided plugins.js script to smaller scripts, so they can be deregistered by plugins
-moved sending mails in photo proofing to plugin(Apollo13 Framework Post Types)
-Access to importer only for privileged users(admins only)
-refreshed importer page and renamed it to "Design Importer"
-better support for quote post format(removed our custom template for it)
-much better styles for content readability

-LightGallery to version 1.6.1
-Visual Composer plugin to version 5.3
-Slider Revolution plugin to version 5.4.6
-Apollo13 Framework Post Types plugin 1.0.6


-broken in 1.4.1 demo importer


-some basing styles that were missing
-child theme now can overwrite all files(except plugins and user/user.css)

-lightbox on Media grid on touch screens
-password form styling

-theme now requires WordPress 4.7 at minimum
-lightbox in Media Grid now opens images in full size instead of just "large"
-some functions used in bad context in last update
-few default options to be more compliant with WordPress rules
-__() and _e() calls to safer options

-LightGallery to version 1.6.0


-Scroller option for displaying albums
-Scroller Parallax option for displaying albums
-option to disable lightbox in bricks album/work
-top/bottom space option for blog(Customizing -> Blog settings -> Posts list -> Content top/bottom padding)
-animated icons for mobile menu, hidden sidebar and menu overlay(Customizing -> Header settings -> Tools icons - individual icons)
-filter for lightbox when using bricks album(only filtered items will be displayed in ligthbox)
-4 new effect for menu overlay(Customizing -> Header settings -> Menu overlay -> Opening effect)
-text align option for menu overlay(Customizing -> Header settings -> Menu overlay -> Text align)
-new setting for ligthbox: to hide controls after X mili-seconds(default to 2000ms)(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> lightGallery delay for hiding gallery controls)
-new setting for lightbox: time(in ms) between each auto transition(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> lightGallery time(in ms) between each auto transition)
-new setting for lightbox: show progress bar on autoplay(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> lightGallery show progress bar on autoplay)
-new setting for lightbox: preload items(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> lightGallery preload items)
-setting for round corners in submit buttons(Customizing -> General settings -> Buttons -> Border radius(px))
-"I recommend this" support for Albums list items
-"I recommend this" support for Works list items
-"I recommend this" support for single album/work(bricks)(items that are in Media Library, or external videos that have setup thumb from Media Library)
-AddToAny support for Albums list items
-AddToAny support for Works list items
-AddToAny support for single work(bricks)
-Bulk tagging for items in album

-mobile menu behaviour on hiding sticky header
-proper filter for WooCommerce mini cart
-styles for overlay menu when using border layout
-"dancing" horizontal header on opening hidden sidebar
-scrolling vertically on album slider on touch devices
-styles for password form(protected post)
-undefined alt attribute for videos
-few things when use "One line, logo centered" header
-lightbox on Media Grid elements from Visual Composer(thanks Greevsie123)

-animation how items in mobile menu show up(it is now more like current
-disabled need for scroll in case of album slider
-style of closing X in menu overlay
-native scroll bar for hidden sidebar as JavaScript one was giving performance issues

-LightGallery to version 1.5.0
-Visual Composer to version 5.2.1
-Slider Revolution plugin to version


-Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.1.0
-Better support vimeo videos in theme lightbox

-font family for overlay menu(thanks RinoTheBouncer)

-Visual Composer to version 5.2



-new demo data server
-new payment handling company for Rife theme

-opening lightbox on click in save comment icon while photo proofing(in Chrome)
-autoimport script for post grids, if file was already deleted
-not centered widget title in footer

-Slider Revolution plugin to version 5.4.5


-Photo proofing feature for Albums(available after providing valid license code for theme)
-Comments for single photo/video in Photo proofing process
-filter in album for Photo proofing
-option to turn off sending e-mail after client accepts album in Photo proofing process
-"Edit attachment details" link in Albums/Works media manager

-selecting product for photo in bricks/slider album is only available after providing valid license code for theme
-minor default styles after plain theme install
-media manager lightbox responsive tweaks

-importer 403 forbidden errors cause of fancy requests(thanks GediminasGrazys)
-input prefix in admin script
-export textarea script
-style for X in single album tags
-buggy code for WooCommerce cross-sells in cart

-Slider Revolution plugin to version  5.4.5


-Notice in customizer when theme is using "header color variants" option
-Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.4
-support for menu icons in "Apollo13 - Custom Menu" widget
-option to change max image logo width on mobile and desktop devices(only in horizontal header)
-option to display each row of items in blog from new row(Customizing -> Blog settings -> Posts list -> How to place items in rows -> Each row from new line)
-option to display each row of items in shop from new row(Customizing -> Shop(WooCommerce) settings -> Products list -> How to place items in rows -> Each row from new line)
-option to display each row of items in albums list from new row(Customizing -> Albums settings -> Albums list -> How to place items in rows -> Each row from new line)
-option to display each row of items in works list from new row(Customizing -> Works settings -> Works list -> How to place items in rows -> Each row from new line)

-tweaked line height of outside title
-removed title bar from youtube videos in album slider
-removed confusing "Page details" section on pages: Blog, Shop, Albums List, Works List. It is replaced with message where options for this page can be changed

-Settings style in Customizer
-Albums list using some settings from "Page details" when it should use settings from Customizer
-some legacy code regarding top bar short menu
-icon space in top bar short menu
-search position in importer
-"jumping" scroll to anchor when "Display anchors in address bar" is enabled
-nava anchors on sub-pages to use absolute paths

-Slider Revolution plugin to version
-LightGallery to version 1.3.9

-Freemius SDK



-Option to set background color in multi-line header for menu part in header color variants (Customizing ->  Header settings -> Variant (light/dark/sticky) - overwrites  -> Menu header part background color)
-Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.1
-option to show anchors in browser address bar(Customizing -> Miscellaneous -> Address bar -> Display anchors in address bar)
-Flyout box that we used on our demos, as few of you asked for it(Customizing -> General settings -> Flyout box)

-way how header hides when "Hiding when scrolling down" of Sticky version is set

-Align of title for WooCommerce widgets
-Visual composer Carousel - showing of navigation
-One page navigation links in overlay menu
-badly displayed descriptions after Redux update

-Visual Composer to version 5.1.1
-owlCarousel script to version 2.2.1
-LivIcons Evolution to version 2.4.375 in Starter theme

---------------- &
-Auto-updates for Rife theme



-better refreshing of user.css file after changes in customizer(no more ctrl+f5 ;-) )
-style for select form input
-added shadow to submenu of main menu in horizontal header

-Responsive styles fo cookie message

-Visual Composer to version 5.1


-Vertical header was leaking its styles to horizontal header what caused some color errors
-related products look when no description and no comments are displayed
-post lightbox playing video after close
-YouTube API giving errors in slider
-some notices on HTML5 video in admin area
-problems with Yoast SEO plugin and custom pages(password protected and 404)

-Slider Revolution plugin to version 5.4.1


-styles for submit buttons(previously only submit inputs were styled)
-extended importer - now you can import only theme settings if you wish
-better error reporting on issues while import
-better saving on problematic hosting server when leaving customizer

-issue with post slider not working in single post view
-html5 video not working in lightbox
-html5 videos playing together in lightbox
-small notice in album/work category template
-problems with fixed sidebar in works when dynamic content is added
-not set shadow setting for sticky header

-font awesome class generator as it was making issues on some servers and it was not used



-Theme lightbox now works with standard WordPress gallery
-hellip(...) to posts excerpt

-issue with drag on slider where there is only 2 items
-focus outline on slider in chrome
-better fit of embeded videos on blog
-fixed line height for some titles(thanks milesdeelite)
-Notice in single-work-ajax.php(thanks Rawniebrownie)
-too fast time out on importer
-Problem on some servers with strange permissions on theme directory. It gives now proper error message


-Importer issue with entering purchase code
-some https issues when linking vimeo and youtube players


-Shadows for album/work slider controls for better visibility
-Nicer drag and swipe interaction to our album/work slider - now it feels right!
-Options to change icons in header tools(Customizing ->  Header settings -> Main Menu  -> Tools icons - individual icons  )
-Option to set background color in multi-line header for menu part (Customizing ->  Header settings -> Type, variant, background -> Menu header part background color)

-Possibly dangerous PHP code
-Problem with image carousel element in Visual Composer Frontend Editor
-Problems with setting up translation files for theme(thanks paulinavargasin)
-Some issues while importing demo data

-LightGallery to version 1.3.7
-Slider Revolution plugin to version



-Animated GIFs now works in Blog
-support for WordPress 4.7.x

-lot of improvements to our album/work slider, so it feels much better to navigate

-option to enable theme lightbox in Visual Composer Masonry Media grid element
-album bricks problems with loading photos on long content sidebar(thanks tonngodoc)

-Visual Composer to version 5.0.1
-Slider Revolution plugin to version 5.3.1



-option to close mobile menu when link is clicked(good for one pagers)(Customizing ->  Header settings -> Main Menu  -> Close mobile menu after click )
-option to disable mobile menu(only for horizontal header)(Customizing ->  Header settings -> Main Menu  -> Allow mobile menu )
-dark overlay when mobile menu is opened(for better visibility of menu)
-works/albums list - alt and title attributes for images
-single work/album in bricks mode - alt and title attributes for images
-single work/album in slider mode - alt attribute for images
-option to enable theme lightbox in Visual Composer Media grid element(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> Use theme ligthbox for Media Grid)

-responsive comments in post
-better featured image in post when uploaded image is smaller then layout requirements
-Fixes to mobile menu styles in case of submenus
-hidden controls when using slider if only one photo is added to it
-mobile menu tweaks
-changed scroll bar for hidden sidebar as it was not working for touch devices
-In lightbox we removed background on bottom bar and only we show background for times when there is text
-disabled counter counting for mobile view to save processor
-disabled writing effect for mobile view to save processor

-Menu opener on mobiles back to right side on mobiles
-when horizontal header had centered logo and disabled menu
-Removed use of array_replace, so on PHP lower then 5.3 it won't crash with fatal error

-LightGallery to version 1.3.5
-Visual Composer to version 5.0



-option to open Works in lightbox from Work list or Post grid element(From Visual Composer)
-similar works option
-option to show header from Nth row(Visual Composer row). Available only for pages

-when wrong content appeared on works/albums category page(thanks paulastopka)
-while working with One Page pages user occasionally get error notice when there's no real error
-confusion with overlay color in title bar(thanks briankcrain)
-scrolling to anchor interfered with some Viusal Composer elements
-possibility to add Visual Composer content to Works/Albums list

-Slider Revolution plugin to version
-Font awesome icons to version 4.7.0



-Animated GIFs now works in Bricks/Slider Albums/Works
-Animated GIFs now works in Albums list/Works list when used as covers
-Possibility to use text logo in sticky header and color variants of horizontal header
-option to change colors of text logo in sticky header and color variants of horizontal header

-By default changing logo in header color variants is disabled(Customizing ->  Header settings -> Logo -> Use logos from header variants )

-fix for badly evaluated URLs in extension_advanced_customizer.php
-lot of escaped dynamic strings for security purpose



-Footer unravel effect for sites with horizontal header(Customizing -> General settings -> Footer -> Footer unravel effect)
-Submit buttons settings(Customizing -> General settings -> Buttons)
-Buttons settings for shop(Customizing ->  Shop(woocommerce) settings -> Buttons)
-Option to change header color variants per each Visual Composer row(vc_row element)
-possibility to add text to Works/Albums list
-Rating notice in admin area

-warning that occurred while doing ajax



-Moved theme to Apollo13Framework

-'Loop' parameter to writing effect in 'Custom Heading' shortcode

-various main menu small bugs after adding hover effects in last update

-Visual Composer to version 4.12.1



-6 new hover menu effects(Customizing -> Header settings -> Main Menu -> Hover effect)
-option for header tools button to be open in new tab
-"to top button" settings(Customizing -> General settings -> "To top" button )

-Removed changed version of Redux plugins(modifications moved to theme)
-various tweaks to main menu in horizontal and vertical headers

-We have added temporary Google API key to imported demos(no more blank screen in some demos)
-Selecting active section on one pagers
-Sorting social icons
-Safari issue with blank screen when going back
-Wrong menu openers for 3rd level menu in vertical header



-Filter for single album(works in bricks mode)

-Issue with small social icons in our slider
-Slider issue caused by "Rhodes fix"
-Not working social icons in single Album from AddToAny since version 1.7

-Redux Framework plugin to version



-4 hover menu effects(Customizing -> Header settings -> Main Menu -> Hover effect)

-post grid elements works/albums now respects settings for image proportion set in works/albums list settings

-post grid elements images resized with our script
-title bar clash with Wishlist plugin
-horizontal scroll issue with certain revolution slider



-option to switch demo importer to mode that will not erase your current content
-new effect "scale down" for albums/works list
-effects for albums/works list in variant "text under photo"

-Disabled page comments by default(you can change it in Customizing -> Page settings -> Single page)
-better work of albums/works in post grid elements
-better calculating of bricks sizes when using bricks layout
-post grid elements style

-issue while saving new posts(thanks trifatlete)
-demo data import problems with importing settings



-Initial release