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Change log:

Change log is for all themes build on Apollo13 Framework.
Not all bundled plugins may be included in every theme, however every theme will have build in support for those plugins.
What plugins are included with your theme can be found in feature list of theme that you are using.

= 2.4.21(27.05.2024)

Tested with WordPress 6.5.3
Tested with PHP 8.2
Tested with WooCommerce 8.9

- WooCommerce templates version tag bumped up

= 2.4.20(17.04.2024)

Tested with WordPress 6.5.2
Tested with PHP 8.2
Tested with WooCommerce 8.5

- Turkish translation glitch
- More bulletproof code n woocommerce-related functions (type casting to make sure min() function will not fail)
- 'Hide license information' button is working properly now

= 2.4.19(01.02.2024)

Tested with WordPress 6.4.3
Tested with PHP 8.2
Tested with WooCommerce 8.5

-main background color applied to BODY 

-mechanism to start over with a new licence key - for those who cancelled previous licence and decided to come back (Rife Pro)

= 2.4.18(09.11.2023)

Tested with WordPress 6.4
Tested with PHP 8.2
Tested with WooCommerce 8.2

-checking for nonce security in admin actions

= 2.4.17(25.09.2023)

Tested with WordPress 6.3
Tested with PHP 8.2
Tested with WooCommerce 8.0

-confirmation not showing up for contact form 7

-preventing errors on when Google fonts are not fully selected in the customizer

= - Only Rife Free =

Tested with WordPress 6.1
Tested with WooCommerce 7.4

-leftoever debug in code(thanks Ov3rfly)

= 2.4.16(05.03.2023) =

Tested with WordPress 6.1
Tested with WooCommerce 7.4

-checking priviliges on various AJAX actions

-minor warnings that happens with PHP 8.X on
-JavaScript error when user doesn't use gutenberg editor

= 2.4.15(25.10.2022) =

Tested with WordPress 6.0
Tested with WooCommerce 7.0

-layout issue with album media when loaded in gutenberg editor
-jetpack issue with lazy loading albums on albums list when jetpack lazy loading images is on

= Pro only) =

Tested with WordPress 5.9
Tested with WooCommerce 6.4

-auto update feature throwing PHP notices in some rare cases
-not checking correctly for available updates in some cases
-error throwed on bulk installation of required plugins

= 2.4.14(29.03.2022) =

Tested with WordPress 5.9
Tested with WooCommerce 6.2

-WooCoomerce style for single thumbnail in the single product view

-small styling issue in WooCommerce LTR nad RTL mode
-Auto update feature for Rife Pro that was added in WordPress 5.5
-the header top bar styling in some situations
-not respecting post limit per page in categories of Albums and Works

= 2.4.13(02.09.2021) =

Tested with WordPress 5.8
Tested with WooCommerce 5.6

-support for closing mobile menu when anchor in the submenu is clicked

-support for classic widgets since WordPress 5.8

-password protected pages throwing notices in some rare cases
-not always showing footer made in the Elementor Header & Footer Builder plugin
-products grid from Elementor 3.2.x
-PHP 8 Notice


= 2.4.12(31.03.2021) =

Tested with WordPress 5.7
Tested with WooCommerce 5.1.X

-(Rife Pro)option to set 2 columns for shop on mobile, instead of default 1 column(Customizing -> Shop(WooCommerce) settings -> Products list -> Bricks columns - on mobiles)
-(Rife Pro)option to set display the "Add to cart" button under the image when using the "Text under photo" variant(Customizing -> Shop(WooCommerce) settings -> Products list -> Where to display the "Add to Cart" button)
-Telegram social icon

-support for lazy loading of images when using Wp-Smush plugin

-preview of Apollo13 Framework Widgets in Elementor preview(again)
-situation when album is used as frontpage with using WPML


= 2.4.11(01.12.2020) =

Tested with WordPress 5.6
Tested with WooCommerce 4.7.X


-LightGallery to 1.9.0

-JavaScript code changes to make plugin work with upcoming WodrPress versions.
-All occurrence of intval() was changed to (int)

-when PHP is configured to display decimals in comma separated way
-lazy loading images on the Blog in WordPree 5.5
-lazy loading images on the ALbums, Works and People post types

= 2.4.10(07.09.2020) =

Tested with WordPress 5.5
Tested with WooCommerce 4.4.X


-(Rife Pro) hover states for photo proffing controls as they were misleading on mobile
-JavaScript code changes to make plugin work with upcoming WodrPress versions.

-preview of Apollo13 Framework Widgets in Elementor preview

= 2.4.9(25.05.2020) =

Tested with WordPress 5.4
Tested with WooCommerce 4.1.X

-noopener for social links(thanks robi052)
-(Rife Pro) 3 New animated effects for menu opening icons
-option to disable "to top" button

-Do not hide mini cart of the WooCommerce on the checkout and on the cart pages
-(WooCommerce) List of products categories uses same layout as products list
-(WooCommerce) Size of thumbnails in gallery in single product

-Issue with option "Header color variants" not working as it should while being set to "Turn on only for a sticky variant"(thanks beslowik & mitcharseneau)
-(WooCommerce) Issue when there are too many thumbs in single product
-Issue in bricks layout where scrollbar is count in wrong way

= 2.4.8(01.04.2020) =

Tested with WordPress 5.4
Tested with WooCommerce 4.0.X

-Support for custom fields in admin menu introduced with WordPress 5.4. (Requires Apollo13 Framework Extensions in version 1.8.4 or higher)

-Better check for active plugins while checking for updates

= 2.4.7(26.02.2020) =

-Fatal error that can happen on password protected pages after 2.4.6 update

= 2.4.6(24.02.2020) =

-Social icon for Facebook Messenger(requires using Font Awesome 5 in Elementor)
-filter "apollo13framework_post_navigation_image_size" to change size of images in post navigation
-(Rife Pro) list of selected files in photoproffing(available while editing album and in confirmation e-mail)

-Possible source of errors when running some actions with WPCLI
-Issue with some plugins that are using anchors for JS navigation
-Issue with Yoast SEO on the theme custom template for password protected page

= 2.4.5(18.11.2019) =

-Displaying category description as subtitle in the title bar in Albums and Works categories

-issues with Slider Revolution version 6 and above
-double printing ApolloParams definition(thanks Thomas K.)
-issue with main class being null in sidebars.php(reason for this situation is still unclear, so the issue can now move to a different file)
-menu walker giving notices in WordPress 5.3

Tested with WordPress 5.3

= =

-Icon fix in Works list connected to update 2.4.4

= 2.4.4(12.07.2019) =

-Compatibility with Elementor 2.6.0 in regards to FontAwesome 5 icons on pages not using Elementor like Albums

= 2.4.3(10.07.2019) =

-(Rife Pro)Option to set featured image proportion on post list for bricks mode(Customizing -> Blog settings -> Posts list -> Choose the proportions of the bricks : Featured Image)

-Adding theme language switcher for WPML in main menu only for versions of WPML < 4.0. Newer WPML gives more control over language switchers in the menu.

-Compatibility with Elementor 2.6.0 in regards to FontAwesome 5 icons
-theme slider link open in new window
-(Rife Pro)theme scroller link open in new window
-firing waypoints Elements when they are at very bottom of the page(thanks ChristWolves)

-Google Fonts list

= 2.4.2(06.06.2019) =

-Issues with WpBakery 6.x with writing effect

= 2.4.1(05.06.2019) =

-menu walker error on 404 page with WPBakery in some situations
-Issues with WpBakery 6.x

= 2.4.0(14.05.2019) =

-(Rife Pro)Option to change default filter in Albums List, Works List and Blog
-(Rife Pro)Option to disable "All" filter when different default category is chosen in Albums List, Works List and Blog
-(Rife Pro)Counters in filters for photo proofing
-(Rife Pro)Support for Polylang in theme places for language switchers

-Slider proportion in post lightbox used to opening Works(thanks robinwyatt)
-Scroller with Parallax for RTL languages
-Image quality 100 not working in Albums(instead it reverted back to 90)
-Problem with lazy load in customizer in some cases
-Polylang/WPML issue with translating theme strings as they were cached
-Polylang look of language switcher when used in main menu as a dropdown
-styles in admin panel for WordPress 5.2

Translation for Rife Pro status:
-Chinese - 100%
-Czech - 100%
-Danish - 100%
-Dutch - 100%
-Dutch (Formal) - 100%
-Dutch (Belgium) - 100%
-French (France) - 100%
-Finnish - 100%
-German - 100%
-German (Formal) - 100%
-Japanese - 100%
-Polish - 100%
-Portuguese (Brazil)- 100%
-Russian - 100%
-Spanish (Spain) - 100%
-Swedish - 100%
-Turkish - 83%
-Ukrainian - 42%
-Croatian - 32%

= Pro only)(10.04.2019) =

-Translations broken in Rife Pro

= 2.3.8(09.04.2019) =

-opening images to lightbox in single works that are opened in lightbox
-option to disable lightbox in bricks album/work for mobiles
-WordPress 5.2 support for wp_body_open()

-minor admin styling
-support for Lazy Images module from Jetpack plugin
-Translations broken in Rife Pro for some languages

-in all SVGs used in theme changed back as it was making SVG invalid. See answer
-not displaying "Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive." for empty search result, as it doesn't make sense(thanks Akira T.)

= 2.3.7(Rife Free & Rife Pro only)(19.03.2019) =

-responsive bug in bricks gallery with margin
-responsive issue in woocommerce shortcodes for products lists

-Accessibility improvements for "SearchWP Live Ajax Search" plugin, as accessibility is now build into plugin

= Free only)(07.03.2019) =

-Not disappearing rating notice. Big sorry about this guys!

= 2.3.6(28.02.2019) =

-potential fatal error in PHP 5.3

-method for inlining small CSS files

= 2.3.5(28.02.2019) =

-support for non-English chars anchors(thanks bahtiyar)
-option "Hide content under the header" for Single Product and "Other shop pages"
-(Rife Pro)option "Header color variant" for Single Product and "Other shop pages"
-outside title bar option for Single Product

-Grammar of 100% of the texts in the theme, so now they could be translated properly

-layering of links in some situation bricks albums(thanks Benjamin)

= Free only)(16.02.2019) =

-minor translation errors
-screenshot of the theme

= 2.3.4(05.02.2019) =

-Fallback when file with theme settings can not be created

= 2.3.3(01.02.2019) =

-(Rife Pro)Top Bar -> Message part : Text align option

-Support for WordPress 5.0.3 on some servers
-better support for PolyLang(thanks farell!)
-Grammar of 80% of the texts in the theme, so now they could be translated properly
-Support for Elementor editing on Works list and Albums list pages
-proper Alt attribute for logo image instead of site title
-protection against WordPress < 4.7

-(Rife Pro)SVG scaling in logo in some situation
-(Rife Pro)Translation not working in Customizer

= 2.3.1(08.01.2019) =

-Undefined events variable in JavaScript on Front End in some situations since 2.3.0

= 2.3.0(08.01.2019) =

-support for
-(Rife Pro)option to change position of cookie message to bottom of the screen
-better icon selector in theme options
-(Rife Pro)Albums navigation positions in single album: At the top of an album, At the end of an album(Customizing -> Albums settings -> Single album -> Albums navigation)

-(Rife Pro)language switcher in header Tools changing colors according to header variant settings
-(Rife Pro)vertical header sizing
-better HTML & Shortcodes support in footer text option(thanks MyMetta)
-Albums, Works, People, WooCommerce settings are not displayed in Customizer if required plugins are not active
-hover states on iOS devices on some elements like bricks albums
-pingback link is conditional(added to page when enabled)
-renamed some functions in utilities/woocommerce.php to use framework prefix
-admin scripts from theme are only loaded on pages on which they are used
-switched from esc_html sanitization to sanitize_text_field function
-(Rife Free)base translation file

-(Rife Pro)Scroller "scroll page below" button showing when not needed while using vertical header
-(Rife Pro)Shield logo on mobile reserving space in header
-(Rife Pro)Scroller margin style when using as widget or shortcode
-When adding new option to menu, theme options were visible only after saving
-Warning in Rife Free while saving options
-displaying of HTML 5 video
-CSS minification breaking CSS animations
-double scrolling to anchor mechanism when using theme with Elementor
-(Rife Free)icons displayed in admin area

For Developers:
-Deprecated functions apollo13framework_post_meta_under_content() & apollo13framework_post_meta_above_content() as they were always used together.
Instead of these two, use new one apollo13framework_get_post_meta_data()
-renamed admin-script handle to apollo13framework-admin
-renamed admin-css handle to apollo13framework-admin-css
-renamed apollo-jquery-ui handle to apollo13framework-jquery-ui
-renamed a13-font-awesome handle to apollo13framework-font-awesome

Moved to Apollo13 Framework Extensions(due to requirements):
-meta options for background image
-meta options for video as featured media
-menu enhancement options
-option to change slug for album & work post types

= 2.2.0(28.11.2018) =

-RTL support
-(Rife Pro)options in customizer to switch side of sidebar for RTL languages for blog, posts, pages, shop and single product
-check on theme activation to make sure there is at least php 5.3 and WordPress 4.7 installed
-option for album/work images to be open in new tab when they have custom link set
-(Rife Pro)language switcher in header Tools to be used with WPML(Customizing -> Header settings -> Tools icons - general -> iconsLanguage switcher)
-(Rife Pro)Setting for reserved width for main menu in variant "One line, logo centered"(Customizing -> Header settings -> Main Menu -> Reserved space for main menu)
-(Rife Pro)Setting for Horizontal header content side padding"(Customizing -> Header settings -> Type, variant, background -> Content side padding)

-accessibility for main menu(focus styles and keyboard interactions to open submenus)
-accessibility for tool icons(search, basket, hidden sidebar, menu, mobile menu) - now they can accessed by keyboard with visible outline
-Hidden sidebar tooltip title changed to "More info" instead of "Hidden sidebar"
-grid layout when some plugin overwrites theme Isotope version(thanks meirinha)

-album sidebar in bricks mode when margins is set to 0px(thanks Line P.)
-shop main page margin between items
-(Rife Pro)SVG logo in horizontal multi-line header

= 2.1.0(31.10.2018) =

-support for Elementor Pro custom header, footer, 404 page, single post, single page and archive pages
-support for using Apollo13 Framework shortcodes as Elementor widgets.
-support for WordPress 4.5 custom logo feature(works when theme logo is not set)
-images for posts navigation in single post

-(Rife Pro)Look of slider album on mobiles when using vertical header(thanks redwood)
-Works lightbox support for scrolling content

-Missing options in Rife Free
-(Rife Pro)SVG logo when using vertical header
-(Rife Pro)Scroller scrolling to element below, when used in page builder

= 2.0.0(03.10.2018) =

-(Rife Pro)support for SVG logo. Read more in documentation:
-option to set max-width of logo on desktop and mobiles on sticky header
-option to set logo padding on mobiles on sticky header
-animation when logo is changing widths from normal to sticky and back
-(Rife Pro)option to show protected titles on Albums list(Customizing -> Albums settings -> Albums list -> Hide titles of password protected albums)
-(Rife Pro)option to show protected titles on Works list(Customizing -> Albums settings -> Albums list -> Hide titles of password protected works)
-option to enable lightbox for images in posts(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> Use theme ligthbox for images in posts)

-added width and height params to post grid images(better speed results)
-including comments script only if needed
-better font-awesome compatibility with plugins
-inline checking for JavaScript(better support for compressing scripts together)
-added minified versions of theme scripts
-Reenabled "scroll to anchor" when Elementor is available and it handles anchors as theme script is better
-minified user css for better speed
-(Rife Pro)option to disable "Web Font Loader" script(Customizing -> Miscellaneous -> Optimization -> Use web-font loader script)
-One page navigation now highlights only one section at time, instead of all visible sections like it was previously
-Moved "Mobile menu background color" option to Menu settings instead of Header(thanks m0rg5!)
-image size attributes in logo(less complaining from speed tests)

-regenerating user.css file when it was removed by other powers then theme :-)
-broken some of theme setting in WPBakery post grids(thanks Ftamas!)
-showing child theme styles in customizer

-use of Modernizr library(we no longer need it for older browsers)
-use of "-webkit-transition" across theme

= 1.11.2(07.09.2018) =

-Not visible background image on Password protected page
-Not showing saved options in Menu settings

= 1.11.1(04.09.2018) =

-(Rife Pro)Logo fix for one line header with centered logo(broken in 1.11.0)


= 1.11.0(04.09.2018) =

Moved to Apollo13 Framework Extensions:
-Design importer
-Exporter of theme options
-Custom Sidebars
-Custom CSS
-Some meta options that were connected to content creation
-Image resizing script
-Saving user changes to user.css file
-custom link & subtitle options in posts, albums and works
-Maintenance mode

-Option to disable "Scroll to Anchor"(Customizing -> Miscellaneous -> Anchors -> Scroll to anchor handling)
-Settings for filters font-size(Posts list - filter, Single album - bricks filter, Albums list - filter, Works list - filter)
-(Rife Pro)option contain photos in scroller

-Enabled creating Menus via Customizer(but without custom theme features like mega menu)
-not saving default theme options on fresh installation, until user decides to
-security fixes across theme
-excerpt_length & excerpt_more not affecting admin area
-Disabled "scroll to anchor" when Elementor is available and it handles anchors
-theme options are cached and not recreated on each load - ~2MB memory saved

-Web fonts loading on legacy settings(thanks FLYART)
-Not existing "waiting page" redirects
-Default settings not kicking in, causing PHP Notices
-sending e-mails on photo proofing finish
-mobile menu overflow issue on open(thanks ado-media)
-cropping on Albums list & Works list covers(thanks jhma!)

-Default images sizes for WooCommerce, as they take away control from user


= 1.10.0(16.08.2018) =

-option to remove "Read more" on blog list/search results(Customizing -> Blog settings -> Posts list -> Display "Read more" link)
-option to set opacity of image logo(Customizing ->  Header settings -> Logo -> Opacity)
-support for comments in works(Requires Apollo13 Framework Extensions in version 1.3.0 or higher)
-support for comments in albums(Requires Apollo13 Framework Extensions in version 1.3.0 or higher)
-(Rife Pro)option to disable comments in works globally
-(Rife Pro)option to disable comments in albums globally
-(Rife Pro)option to add text content to slider/scroller albums. Text added in text editor will be displayed in slider/scroller album.
 To enable this feature go to Customizing -> Albums settings -> Single album -> Display text content in slider/scroller album

-Framework shortcodes refreshes proper in Elementor preview
-Unified some text colors across albums and works, that were not customizable previously
-Unified some spacings across albums and works
-Background color and text color of bricks albums content column is now customizable(Customizing -> General settings -> Content styles -> Background color)
-"Read more" link colors are affected by settings for links colors(Customizing -> General settings -> Content styles -> Links color & Links hover color)

-Albums/Works list pagination when used at homepage(thanks dex44!)
-PHP warning for admin notices
-removed code blocking menu background highlight on mobile menu(thanks dean0674)
-missing logo on High DPI devices, when no logo is set for High DPI devices
-Maintenance page breaking on some servers

= 1.9.1(10.07.2018) =

-Less strict textarea inputs in customizer(you can use same HTML as in post editor)
-switched image library of our resizing script to prefer Imagick before GD

-IMPORTANT: WP Bakery issues with theme post grid in version 5.5.2 of WP Bakery

= 1.9.0(09.07.2018) =

-Design import process improved in many aspects
-removed tooltipster from used libraries

-IMPORTANT! Elementor 2.1.2 fix for Design import(ehh Elementor guys)
-PHP 7.2 notice for featured video in posts
-Share texts(titles) in lightbox(thanks robi052)
-sticky kit after window resizing in single bricks album
-album slider touch scrolling of page(thanks politikora!)

= 1.8.3(04.07.2018) =

-option to keep submenu open for current page in vertical header(Customizing -> Header settings -> Main Menu -> Keep submenu open for current page)
-menu item height in vertical header(Customizing -> Header settings -> Main Menu -> Menu item height)
-Header Footer Elementor Plugin support
-Setting to disable theme header(Customizing -> General settings -> Theme Header -> Use theme header?)
-Custom font for text logo setting(Customizing -> General settings -> Fonts settings -> Font for text logo)
-(Rife Pro)Global Title bar settings for single Album(Customizing -> Albums settings -> Single album - title bar)

-https links for Vimeo api as previous lagged in Canada(thanks robi052)
-Vimeo Api is loaded only when needed instead of every album

-slider control in Customizer for float values
-unwanted header color variants being load in Rife Free(thanks Mark B.)
-IMPORTANT! Elementor 2.1.x fix for Design import(thanks Karioka & DeltoidProductions)

= 1.8.2(22.06.2018) =

-option to export theme settings(Appearance-> {Theme name} Import & Info -> Export -> Export theme settings)
-option to import theme settings(Appearance-> {Theme name} Import & Info -> Export -> Import theme settings)

-Muted Autoplayed videos in theme slider, as browsers started to block playing videos with autoplay & sound enabled
-hentry compatibility to eliminate Google Search Console errors

-hover on iOS for people post grid

-author from pages in search results

= 1.8.1(24.05.2018) =

-support for Privacy Policy link introduced in WordPress 4.9.6
-setting to enable Privacy Policy link in footer(Customizing -> General settings -> Footer -> Privacy Policy Link)
-styling for "Commenter Cookie Opt-Ins" checkbox
-Menu Overlay support for one-page sites(Customizing -> Header settings -> Menu overlay -> Close menu after click)
-"Play icon" on cover of thumbs of video in bricks album(thanks rb91u)
-WooCommerce 3.4.0 support

-Fatal error in some situation when entering Customizer
-Issue with not showing uploaded images to albums/works instantly
-font subsets error(Thanks Jhon!)

-Slider Revolution plugin to version

= 1.8.0(14.05.2018) =

-Layout Google fonts for Rife Free

-Across theme escaping of strings
-Across theme sanitization of of user input
-Rewritten how custom 404 page is generated
-moved Apollo13 Framework widgets from theme to plugin. It gives more flexible option to move to different theme.
-play/pause animations in our slider so we can use one script file less
-lowered speed for Scroller on "mousewheel", as on touchpads it was way too fast

-TweenMax to version 1.20.4
-LightGallery to version 1.6.9
-Isotope to 3.0.6
-smaller scripts used across theme
-Slider Revolution plugin to version

-Header color variant setting value glitched in "null" state

-Wishlist templates as they had no meaningful changes

= 1.7.2(17.04.2018) =

-option to turn off related products (Customizing -> Shop(WooCommerce) settings -> Single product -> Related products)

-Moved creation of user.css file from theme directory to wp-content/uploads/apollo13_framework_files/css - it is safer on some custom hostings
-Unique text domain for theme instead of 'apollo13-framework'. Better translations are possible now.
-Less links in "Appearance" menu
-Removed duplicated importer code from theme
-Cleaned some translations(more to come soon)

-not displaying featured image in post/page/work in some situations(thanks Chris_R!)
-social links displaying PHP error(thanks rb91u & Jadan )

= 1.7.1(09.04.2018) =

Info: Theme now uses Apollo13 Framework Extensions hosted on instead of self emeded version

-All Theme admin notices are dismissable forever
-Theme URI in style.css

-Slider with only 1 item that is video was not playing it
-opening Apollo13 Post lightbox from link
-playing HTML5 Video in Apollo13 Post lightbox(thanks merlino71)
-password form input scaling on mobiles

= 1.7.0(03.04.2018) =

-LONG AWAITED: Removed dependency on Redux Framework plugin. Customizer changes will be now much more reliable!
Read more about it in our article
-Custom CSS control look in Customizer if you use WordPress 4.9
-Live custom CSS changes
-Live Preloader screen editing
-Live Cookie message editing
-Live Hidden sidebar editing
-Live Footer editing
-Less memory used by theme

-option for blocking displaying license info in Rife Pro

-1px footer gap on pages using post grids in Chrome browser(thanks Daniel M.)
-Fixed issue with not changing/stuck settings i Customizer
-Fixed live preview losing changes if few options were changed
-scrolling page when not needed caused by focus event from slider & scroller after load
-conflicting icomoon font icons
-default cursor behavior
-Logo issue when height is defined(thanks clairechamberlindg)

-Apollo13 Framework Extensions plugin 1.1.3
-Slider Revolution plugin to version

= 1.6.6(13.03.2018) =

-option for speed of writing effect (Customizing -> Miscellaneous -> Writing effect -> Writing effect text write speed)

-Highlighting of Homepage link when using single album or single work as homepage(thanks redwood)

-Highlighting main menu items in customizer and https sites on one-pagers
-Default settings for Lightbox in Rife Free(thanks Daniel Farjoun)

-Visual Composer plugin to version 5.4.7

= 1.6.5(22.02.2018) =

-socials variant in widget
-wp gallery styles for columns(thanks robi052)
-theme plugin not working when theme directory is renamed
-positioning of thumbs in slider

-Apollo13 Framework Extensions plugin 1.1.2
-Slider Revolution plugin to version

= 1.6.4(15.02.2018) =

-WooCommerce 3.3.1 support
-support for wp gallery & caption in html5(this simplifies styling rules)

-faster loading of google web fonts if they are used

-undefined id in works opened in lightbox(again)
-images size in post grid short code for posts
-1px gaps in isotope script for bricks layout(test)

-Some small styling of WooCommerce elements due to removing some WooCommerce templates overwrites

-some WooCommerce templates overwrites to be less conflicting with current WooCommerce updates

= 1.6.3(7.02.2018) =

-importing of Revolution sliders that gone missing since 1.6.2

-one page navigation when full screen revolution slider is used on page

-Apollo13 Framework Extensions plugin 1.1.1

= 1.6.2(1.02.2018) =

-WooCommerce 3.3.0 support

-Importer handles much better errors, and it recovers import up to 10 times before failing
-no enlarging photo in scroller if it has custom link set(thanks Adorbeman)
-new documentation links
-replace menu item links while import in one page navigation, with URL of current site
-rewrite guids on import to current site
-importer should report more true value of memory limit on your server.
-(Experimental)scroller mouse wheel scrolling works only if whole scroller is visible. It is easier to scroll to rest of page content.
-(Experimental)in scroller when mouse wheel scrolling down there will appear button to scroll below scroller. User will be able to easier get to rest of page content.

-Slider Revolution plugin to version 5.4.7

= 1.6.1(24.01.2018) =

-https links for youtube & vimeo video

-showing titles on slider in works
-undefined id in works opened in lightbox
-header sizes in edge case without menu
-scroller bug on mobiles(big thanks Adorbeman)
-slider full height issue(big thanks Adorbeman)

= =

-Rife theme crash after update

= 1.6.0(16.01.2018) =

-New shortcodes listed below. Details about them in our article
-Shortcode post grid [a13fe-post-list] that can be used for displaying posts, albums, works & people
-Shortcode for our theme slider [a13fe-slider]
-Shortcode for our theme scroller [a13fe-scroller]
-Shortcode for our theme writing effect [a13fe-writing-effect]
-default theme settings when theme is activated for first time - your site look good without design import
-writing effect work independent of page builder plugin
-option to disable header color variants (Customizing -> Header settings -> Type, variant, background -> Header color variants)

-compatibility with PHP 7.2
-Lowered number of items loaded at once in bricks album/work(thanks bigway!)
-improved lazy loading in bricks album/work(thanks bigway!)
-how we check for demo server
-Elementor editing when using fixed horizontal header
-author description in post is not displayed if author doesn't have any description
-styling for default template for "password protected"
-hentry compatibility

-Slider Revolution plugin to version
-Visual Composer plugin to version 5.4.5
-Apollo13 Framework Extensions plugin 1.1.0

-PHP Notice with custom registered sidebars on ajax calls
-Shop Related products columns number breaking in some situation(thanks aero)
-Theme slider broken by some plugins with style for images(thanks paczk)

= 1.5.2(15.11.2017) =

-support for new features from WordPress 4.9
-option for albums and works to enable thumbs on slider load
-option to stretch slider in height in single work to fill available space(Edit Work -> Work Details? Work media? Stretch slider to be window high)
-gallery widget styles

-Saved License code is now protected from coping when someone has access to your admin panel
-Mouse wheel support on album scroller

-Slider Revolution plugin to version

-album PHP 7.1 Notice(thanks domking!)
-show icons" Hover effect of menu in "with shield" header variant
-PHP notice when entering customizer
-Demo importer removing too many files

= 1.5.1(3.11.2017) =

-Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.2.3
-action hooks for JavaScript in header.php, Great for Google Tag Manager for example
-option to use last modified date in blog post - good for evergreen content (Customizing -> Blog settings -> Single post -> Post meta: Date of publish or last update )
-option for min & max font size when using "Responsive text" option in "Custom Heading" VC element
-option to enable writing effect on mobile (Customizing -> Miscellaneous -> Writing effect   -> Writing effect on mobile)
-"Slide from right" effect for menu overlay(Customizing -> Header settings -> Menu overlay -> Opening effect)
-option to change content background color - Finally!(Customizing -> General settings -> Content styles -> Background color)
-new option for shield under Logo(Works only in horizontal header with variant "One line, logo centered")(Customizing -> Header settings -> Logo)

-Default content font-size for better readability(Customizing -> General settings -> Content styles -> Font size)
-Moved mobile menu button to the right, as it is better for usability(thanks TheWebStylist!)
-widgets align on mobiles(thanks TheWebStylist!)
-moved logo setting in header color variants to be at top of panel
-mobile menu consistent look across header variants
-better compression of mobile menu

-Visual Composer plugin to version 5.4.2
-Slider Revolution plugin to version
-Apollo13 Framework Extensions plugin 1.0.7
-LightGallery to version 1.6.4

-Legacy IE 8 header that was never used

-HTML usage in album items description
-Footer widgets collapsing when multi-row of widgets happen
-Sidebar position on blog when using top content padding(Thanks Daniel!)

= 1.5.0(26.09.2017) =

Breaking change:
-renamed lot of files to use proper WordPress naming.
If your child theme changes doesn't work, make sure your files file names match main theme file names

-Welcome page
-Basic default editor styles
-blockquote styles
-system UI font option in fonts to choose

-edge case: call to google fonts, when theme only uses system fonts
-missing various strings after fixes in version 1.4.1
-text domain for some woocommerce strings
-icons in AddToAny plugin
-iOS fix for negative scroll position(thanks Stefan L.)
-some places where titles wasn't breaking on narrow screens
-Chrome bug when submenu was opened in horizontal header
-WooCommerce category page title(thanks Lexxus)

-Reenabling mobile users to scale page(was switched off since version 1.0 )
-Disabled lot of blocking scrolling events on mobile
-Better search results for password protected items(now image and title can be seen)
-"Center fixed width" layout max-width increased to 1160px
-"post lightbox" max-width increased to 1160px
-divided plugins.js script to smaller scripts, so they can be deregistered by plugins
-moved sending mails in photo proofing to plugin(Apollo13 Framework Extensions)
-Access to importer only for privileged users(admins only)
-refreshed importer page and renamed it to "Design Importer"
-better support for quote post format(removed our custom template for it)
-much better styles for content readability

-LightGallery to version 1.6.1
-Visual Composer plugin to version 5.3
-Slider Revolution plugin to version 5.4.6
-Apollo13 Framework Extensions plugin 1.0.6

= 1.4.2(22.08.2017) =

-broken in 1.4.1 demo importer

= 1.4.1(21.08.2017) =

-some basing styles that were missing
-child theme now can overwrite all files(except plugins and user/user.css)

-lightbox on Media grid on touch screens
-password form styling

-theme now requires WordPress 4.7 at minimum
-lightbox in Media Grid now opens images in full size instead of just "large"
-some functions used in bad context in last update
-few default options to be more compliant with WordPress rules
-__() and _e() calls to safer options

-LightGallery to version 1.6.0

= 1.4.0(04.08.2017) =

-Scroller option for displaying albums
-Scroller Parallax option for displaying albums
-option to disable lightbox in bricks album/work
-top/bottom space option for blog(Customizing -> Blog settings -> Posts list -> Content top/bottom padding)
-animated icons for mobile menu, hidden sidebar and menu overlay(Customizing -> Header settings -> Tools icons - individual icons)
-filter for lightbox when using bricks album(only filtered items will be displayed in ligthbox)
-4 new effect for menu overlay(Customizing -> Header settings -> Menu overlay -> Opening effect)
-text align option for menu overlay(Customizing -> Header settings -> Menu overlay -> Text align)
-new setting for ligthbox: to hide controls after X mili-seconds(default to 2000ms)(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> lightGallery delay for hiding gallery controls)
-new setting for lightbox: time(in ms) between each auto transition(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> lightGallery time(in ms) between each auto transition)
-new setting for lightbox: show progress bar on autoplay(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> lightGallery show progress bar on autoplay)
-new setting for lightbox: preload items(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> lightGallery preload items)
-setting for round corners in submit buttons(Customizing -> General settings -> Buttons -> Border radius(px))
-"I recommend this" support for Albums list items
-"I recommend this" support for Works list items
-"I recommend this" support for single album/work(bricks)(items that are in Media Library, or external videos that have setup thumb from Media Library)
-AddToAny support for Albums list items
-AddToAny support for Works list items
-AddToAny support for single work(bricks)
-Bulk tagging for items in album

-mobile menu behaviour on hiding sticky header
-proper filter for WooCommerce mini cart
-styles for overlay menu when using border layout
-"dancing" horizontal header on opening hidden sidebar
-scrolling vertically on album slider on touch devices
-styles for password form(protected post)
-undefined alt attribute for videos
-few things when use "One line, logo centered" header
-lightbox on Media Grid elements from Visual Composer(thanks Greevsie123)

-animation how items in mobile menu show up(it is now more like current
-disabled need for scroll in case of album slider
-style of closing X in menu overlay
-native scroll bar for hidden sidebar as JavaScript one was giving performance issues

-LightGallery to version 1.5.0
-Visual Composer to version 5.2.1
-Slider Revolution plugin to version

= 1.3.2(10.07.2017) =

-Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.1.0
-Better support vimeo videos in theme lightbox

-font family for overlay menu(thanks RinoTheBouncer)

-Visual Composer to version 5.2

= 1.3.1(30.06.2017) =


-new demo data server
-new payment handling company for Rife theme

-opening lightbox on click in save comment icon while photo proofing(in Chrome)
-autoimport script for post grids, if file was already deleted
-not centered widget title in footer

-Slider Revolution plugin to version 5.4.5

= 1.3.0(25.05.2017) =

-Photo proofing feature for Albums(available after providing valid license code for theme)
-Comments for single photo/video in Photo proofing process
-filter in album for Photo proofing
-option to turn off sending e-mail after client accepts album in Photo proofing process
-"Edit attachment details" link in Albums/Works media manager

-selecting product for photo in bricks/slider album is only available after providing valid license code for theme
-minor default styles after plain theme install
-media manager lightbox responsive tweaks

-importer 403 forbidden errors cause of fancy requests(thanks GediminasGrazys)
-input prefix in admin script
-export textarea script
-style for X in single album tags
-buggy code for WooCommerce cross-sells in cart

-Slider Revolution plugin to version  5.4.5

= 1.2.2(28.04.2017) =

-Notice in customizer when theme is using "header color variants" option
-Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.4
-support for menu icons in "Apollo13 - Custom Menu" widget
-option to change max image logo width on mobile and desktop devices(only in horizontal header)
-option to display each row of items in blog from new row(Customizing -> Blog settings -> Posts list -> How to place items in rows -> Each row from new line)
-option to display each row of items in shop from new row(Customizing -> Shop(WooCommerce) settings -> Products list -> How to place items in rows -> Each row from new line)
-option to display each row of items in albums list from new row(Customizing -> Albums settings -> Albums list -> How to place items in rows -> Each row from new line)
-option to display each row of items in works list from new row(Customizing -> Works settings -> Works list -> How to place items in rows -> Each row from new line)

-tweaked line height of outside title
-removed title bar from youtube videos in album slider
-removed confusing "Page details" section on pages: Blog, Shop, Albums List, Works List. It is replaced with message where options for this page can be changed

-Settings style in Customizer
-Albums list using some settings from "Page details" when it should use settings from Customizer
-some legacy code regarding top bar short menu
-icon space in top bar short menu
-search position in importer
-"jumping" scroll to anchor when "Display anchors in address bar" is enabled
-nava anchors on sub-pages to use absolute paths

-Slider Revolution plugin to version
-LightGallery to version 1.3.9

-Freemius SDK


= 1.2.1(07.04.2017) =

-Option to set background color in multi-line header for menu part in header color variants (Customizing ->  Header settings -> Variant (light/dark/sticky) - overwrites  -> Menu header part background color)
-Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.1
-option to show anchors in browser address bar(Customizing -> Miscellaneous -> Address bar -> Display anchors in address bar)
-Flyout box that we used on our demos, as few of you asked for it(Customizing -> General settings -> Flyout box)

-way how header hides when "Hiding when scrolling down" of Sticky version is set

-Align of title for WooCommerce widgets
-Visual composer Carousel - showing of navigation
-One page navigation links in overlay menu
-badly displayed descriptions after Redux update

-Visual Composer to version 5.1.1
-owlCarousel script to version 2.2.1
-LivIcons Evolution to version 2.4.375 in Starter theme


= & =
-Auto-updates for Rife theme


= 1.2.0(20.03.2017)

-better refreshing of user.css file after changes in customizer(no more ctrl+f5 ;-) )
-style for select form input
-added shadow to submenu of main menu in horizontal header

-Responsive styles fo cookie message

-Visual Composer to version 5.1

= 1.1.9(10.03.2017) =

-Vertical header was leaking its styles to horizontal header what caused some color errors
-related products look when no description and no comments are displayed
-post lightbox playing video after close
-YouTube API giving errors in slider
-some notices on HTML5 video in admin area
-problems with Yoast SEO plugin and custom pages(password protected and 404)

-Slider Revolution plugin to version 5.4.1

= 1.1.8(21.02.2017) =

-styles for submit buttons(previously only submit inputs were styled)
-extended importer - now you can import only theme settings if you wish
-better error reporting on issues while import
-better saving on problematic hosting server when leaving customizer

-issue with post slider not working in single post view
-html5 video not working in lightbox
-html5 videos playing together in lightbox
-small notice in album/work category template
-problems with fixed sidebar in works when dynamic content is added
-not set shadow setting for sticky header

-font awesome class generator as it was making issues on some servers and it was not used


= 1.1.7(24.01.2017) =

-Theme lightbox now works with standard WordPress gallery
-hellip(...) to posts excerpt

-issue with drag on slider where there is only 2 items
-focus outline on slider in chrome
-better fit of embeded videos on blog
-fixed line height for some titles(thanks milesdeelite)
-Notice in single-work-ajax.php(thanks Rawniebrownie)
-too fast time out on importer
-Problem on some servers with strange permissions on theme directory. It gives now proper error message


= =

-Importer issue with entering purchase code
-some https issues when linking vimeo and youtube players

= 1.1.6(06.01.2017) =

-Shadows for album/work slider controls for better visibility
-Nicer drag and swipe interaction to our album/work slider - now it feels right!
-Options to change icons in header tools(Customizing ->  Header settings -> Main Menu  -> Tools icons - individual icons  )
-Option to set background color in multi-line header for menu part (Customizing ->  Header settings -> Type, variant, background -> Menu header part background color)

-Possibly dangerous PHP code
-Problem with image carousel element in Visual Composer Frontend Editor
-Problems with setting up translation files for theme(thanks paulinavargasin)
-Some issues while importing demo data

-LightGallery to version 1.3.7
-Slider Revolution plugin to version


= 1.1.5(09.12.2016) =

-Animated GIFs now works in Blog
-support for WordPress 4.7.x

-lot of improvements to our album/work slider, so it feels much better to navigate

-option to enable theme lightbox in Visual Composer Masonry Media grid element
-album bricks problems with loading photos on long content sidebar(thanks tonngodoc)

-Visual Composer to version 5.0.1
-Slider Revolution plugin to version 5.3.1


= 1.1.4(16.11.2016) =

-option to close mobile menu when link is clicked(good for one pagers)(Customizing ->  Header settings -> Main Menu  -> Close mobile menu after click )
-option to disable mobile menu(only for horizontal header)(Customizing ->  Header settings -> Main Menu  -> Allow mobile menu )
-dark overlay when mobile menu is opened(for better visibility of menu)
-works/albums list - alt and title attributes for images
-single work/album in bricks mode - alt and title attributes for images
-single work/album in slider mode - alt attribute for images
-option to enable theme lightbox in Visual Composer Media grid element(Customizing -> General settings -> Lightbox settings -> Use theme ligthbox for Media Grid)

-responsive comments in post
-better featured image in post when uploaded image is smaller then layout requirements
-Fixes to mobile menu styles in case of submenus
-hidden controls when using slider if only one photo is added to it
-mobile menu tweaks
-changed scroll bar for hidden sidebar as it was not working for touch devices
-In lightbox we removed background on bottom bar and only we show background for times when there is text
-disabled counter counting for mobile view to save processor
-disabled writing effect for mobile view to save processor

-Menu opener on mobiles back to right side on mobiles
-when horizontal header had centered logo and disabled menu
-Removed use of array_replace, so on PHP lower then 5.3 it won't crash with fatal error

-LightGallery to version 1.3.5
-Visual Composer to version 5.0


= 1.1.3(28.10.2016) =

-option to open Works in lightbox from Work list or Post grid element(From Visual Composer)
-similar works option
-option to show header from Nth row(Visual Composer row). Available only for pages

-when wrong content appeared on works/albums category page(thanks paulastopka)
-while working with One Page pages user occasionally get error notice when there's no real error
-confusion with overlay color in title bar(thanks briankcrain)
-scrolling to anchor interfered with some Viusal Composer elements
-possibility to add Visual Composer content to Works/Albums list

-Slider Revolution plugin to version
-Font awesome icons to version 4.7.0


= 1.1.2(05.10.2016) =

-Animated GIFs now works in Bricks/Slider Albums/Works
-Animated GIFs now works in Albums list/Works list when used as covers
-Possibility to use text logo in sticky header and color variants of horizontal header
-option to change colors of text logo in sticky header and color variants of horizontal header

-By default changing logo in header color variants is disabled(Customizing ->  Header settings -> Logo -> Use logos from header variants )

-fix for badly evaluated URLs in extension_advanced_customizer.php
-lot of escaped dynamic strings for security purpose


= 1.1.1(28.09.2016) =

-Footer unravel effect for sites with horizontal header(Customizing -> General settings -> Footer -> Footer unravel effect)
-Submit buttons settings(Customizing -> General settings -> Buttons)
-Buttons settings for shop(Customizing ->  Shop(woocommerce) settings -> Buttons)
-Option to change header color variants per each Visual Composer row(vc_row element)
-possibility to add text to Works/Albums list
-Rating notice in admin area

-warning that occurred while doing ajax


= 1.1.0(20.09.2016) =

-Moved theme to Apollo13Framework

-'Loop' parameter to writing effect in 'Custom Heading' shortcode

-various main menu small bugs after adding hover effects in last update

-Visual Composer to version 4.12.1


= 1.0.4(07.09.2016) =

-6 new hover menu effects(Customizing -> Header settings -> Main Menu -> Hover effect)
-option for header tools button to be open in new tab
-"to top button" settings(Customizing -> General settings -> "To top" button )

-Removed changed version of Redux plugins(modifications moved to theme)
-various tweaks to main menu in horizontal and vertical headers

-We have added temporary Google API key to imported demos(no more blank screen in some demos)
-Selecting active section on one pagers
-Sorting social icons
-Safari issue with blank screen when going back
-Wrong menu openers for 3rd level menu in vertical header


= 1.0.3(19.08.2016) =

-Filter for single album(works in bricks mode)

-Issue with small social icons in our slider
-Slider issue caused by "Rhodes fix"
-Not working social icons in single Album from AddToAny since version 1.7

-Redux Framework plugin to version


= 1.0.2(01.08.2016) =

-4 hover menu effects(Customizing -> Header settings -> Main Menu -> Hover effect)

-post grid elements works/albums now respects settings for image proportion set in works/albums list settings

-post grid elements images resized with our script
-title bar clash with Wishlist plugin
-horizontal scroll issue with certain revolution slider


= 1.0.1(23.07.2016) =

-option to switch demo importer to mode that will not erase your current content
-new effect "scale down" for albums/works list
-effects for albums/works list in variant "text under photo"

-Disabled page comments by default(you can change it in Customizing -> Page settings -> Single page)
-better work of albums/works in post grid elements
-better calculating of bricks sizes when using bricks layout
-post grid elements style

-issue while saving new posts(thanks trifatlete)
-demo data import problems with importing settings


= 1.0.0(20.07.2016) =

-Initial release